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Products and Technology
From prototypes to small series, up to large industrial volumes and special "non-standard" circuits, Tecnomaster Group offers a wide and customized range of products that include:
• Double-sided
• Multilayer up to 40 layers
• Multilayer with blind and buried holes (SBU - HDI technology) with laser drilling application
• Multilayer with controlled impedance
• Multilayer back-panels up to 8 mm thick, 1200x610mm
• Flexible and rigid-flexible made of polyimide and Kapton
• Hole plugging
• Copper thickness from 5 to 210 micron
• Min. 100 micron holes (depth/diameter : 20/1)
• Min. 75 micron Microvia (depth/diameter : 1,2/1)
• Stacked microvias
• Via in pad
• Holes at controlled depth
• Traces amplitude min. 50 micron
• Solder resist: green, white, blue, red, black
• Edge connerctors
• Press fit
• Coal contactse
• HAL/HASL finishes
• Chemical and electrolytic gold finishes
• OSP finish
• Electrolytic silver finishes
• Chemical tin finishes

Each production batch is accompanied by a certificate of conformity which shows details of the contract, type of testing, product traceability, finish and administrative data.