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Production capacity
All Tecnomaster Group companies ensure high quality standards in materials and surface finishes, detailed controls and by using the latest technology on the market. Every year Tecnomaster Group reinvests about 10% of its turnover in R&D and machinery. The group currently has a production capacity of 100,000 square meters per year, which are made in 19,000 square meters of production area distributed over 3 sites in Europe. Up to 50 new products per day can be processed.
The printing process is carried out using modern LDI (laser) systems with robotic automatic loading that allows production continuity 24 hours per day. Modern automatic Orbotech inspection (AOI) systems monitor the quality of engravings, while the electrical test mobile probes ensure 100% diagnostic coverage. The metal deposition in the holes is checked with Fisherscope. Impedance measurements are performed where required. The manufacturing sites are equipped with chemical and physical laboratories which can perform dimensional checks with automatic optical systems, weldability testing, adhesion of the metallization, ionic contamination. Tecnomaster Group also cooperates in numerous research programs with leading companies and institutions for applications with high quality requirements.